Future of Tibet: Thoughts and Observations

The following is a video of the short talk I gave the conference “Future of Tibet” in Paris on FRIDAY 25 November, 2022. I share my observation on political developments within the diaspora community, the importance of Unity in exile, the rise of Tibet advocacy in the governments of Canada and the United States through their parliament structures, opportunities in overturning the recognition of One-China policy, which will recognize Tibet as NOT part of China. The importance of acknowledging the rise of and supporting Tibetan-Canadian and Tibetan-American candidates in the Canadian and American parliaments and the potentiality of their roles in facing China’s espionage activities on American and Canadian soil and advocacy on behalf of Tibet against China, and other important topics.

Here is the video of the actual talk as it was shown during the conference, I’m at the 1:02:51 mark:

I want to thank the organizers of Future of Tibet for holding these important yearly meetings and Dechen Pemba for inviting me.

I hope my observations will be of use to those interesting in keeping the issue of Tibet alive and working on behalf of Tibetan interest.