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When Tibetan Women ruled Tibet


In my attempt to engage more historic female figures in Tibetan history, I’ve decided to share a close reading of Janet Gyatso’s “Down with the Demoness: Reflections on a Feminine Ground in Tibet”… Continue reading

The Art of (China’s) Colonialism: Constructing Invisibilities in (Tibetan) History and Geography


What does an ethnographic discourse on the invisibility of a colonial empire in the 21st century look like? What does that invisibility contribute to, or rather take away from, the experiences of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet? In this post, I examine the historical and contemporary discourses on Tibet that frame Tibet as either not colonized or about human rights, which, I argue, silences Tibetan aspirations for Nationhood. Aside from contextualizing Tibetan subjectivities, I contribute to the ongoing discourse on how ethnographic narratives can re-construct the invisibility of existing colonial empires and justify their presence as a given right rather than foreign.

Mao in Tibetan disguise: History, ethnography, and excess


Guest post by Carole MCGRANAHAN, University of Colorado. (The original academic article with footnotes and bibliography can be found and downloaded here at http://www.haujournal.org/index.php/hau/article/view/65) What does ethnographic theory look like in dialogue with… Continue reading