Interview on Gender and Leadership in the Tibetan Exile Community

The following is an interview I gave to the Women’s Empowerment Desk. The interview was shown at the Central Tibetan Administration’s annual “Tibetan Women’s Day” event on March 12th, 2020.

The interview was on two of my essays, “Conflict of Desires: Female Tibetan Leaders and Gender Advocacy” (2014) and “Decolonial & Intersectional Interventions against (Neo)Liberal Feminism: Reflections on Tibetan Feminisms” (2017).

Topics disused are: women’s leadership, notions of empowerment, spiritual liberation, neoliberalism, gender violence, causes and conditions, colonial violence, exile, alienation,

The original video of the event is over one hour. I am at the 59:08 mark.

The following is video of just my portion of the event: