Ongoing Lhakar Pledge

Woahh! Its been about 4 to 5 months since my last Lhakar post, apologies!

I dont have any new cooking videos right now, as its been pretty hectic after getting back from India. These days I seem to have really great friends who have amazing mothers who tend to cook for me, so I havent had the opportunity to share some recipes but i will!  I did start to make a vegetarian momo video while I was out in Sikkim but didnt want to upload it because it was unfinished and there were a few interruptions which you will notice in the video. After attending Tibet lobby day in Washington DC, I met two “fans” who inspired me to just get this video out there. I have edited it a little, but this is the best i could do with what little footage I had. Momo la just stole the show.

my two fansPractising her Tibetan online

While in Dharamsala, I found a really great school called Esukhia, majority of the teachers have graduated from Sarah College and have had extra teacher training for students to get the best learning experience. I had a great time practising my reading and writing and I am still continuing my classes via skype at only 3Euros an hour!  If you want to improve your Tibetan or even learn from scratch, it is defiantly worth checking out. I even got my younger sister enrolled!

Thank you & Enjoy