When I saw number plates in Tibetan

I recall how the movie Matrix comes at a turning point after Morpheus challenges Neo with a very difficult choice.

Well.. I didn’t quite require that level of intricacy nor did I have to follow some rabbit down the rabbit hole.

“YAYUuu KYIPO!,” she exclaimed!

That’s when, leaving all my conscience behind, I at once made my mind to travel to Bhutan.

It wasn’t until post my high school years when Bhutan became a vocabulary that required frequent visit either through people, online portals or sometimes imagination too!

Bhutan, I feel, is one of the few places that deserve more than a mere Google visit.

“Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon, is no ordinary place”- Lonely Planet

Bhutan indeed is no ordinary place. It’s where mountains and valleys shoulder far, where rivers flow pure and skies fly high turquoise blue.

But despite its exhilarating and breathtaking landscape, I strongly feel that it’s a country which could also serve as a model of inspiration to a Free Tibet.

Strangely, one of the many things that impressed me during my visit last August was ‘number plates’!

After reaching Siliguri in West Bengal, India, we had to board a bus to Bhutan. I chose the road over the sky so that I won’t miss every piece of Bhutan right from where it begins: Phuntsholing (Indo-Bhutan Border)

Source: Paranormia.com

I noticed that the number plates there was not quite the usual.

After entering into Bhutan it gradually became all familiar. I was really impressed with how the plates have been categorized and organized accordingly:

Private Vehicle – སྒེར་འཁོར།

Govt. Vehicle – གཞུང་འཁོར།

Commercial Vehicle (Taxi/Cabs) – གླ་འཁོར།

Police Vehicle – ཁྲིམས་སྲུང།

So couple of weeks ago, whilst my friend Dojee Tseten was busy getting numbers registered for his newly acquired motorbike, I suggested that his number plate at the rear should be in Tibetan like in Bhutan. At the moment:

Hopefully in the coming days it will be this:

Perhaps Tibetan bikers and car owners out there wanna try it out too! It feels “YAYuuu Good”. Trust me ☺