Spoken Words by Jigme Ritzekura

We’d like to pay our respect and prayers to Jamphel Yeshi who passed away last night. Tibetans in India are doing everything they can to carry his and those insides, voices to Hu and we can all bet that Hu is getting a very unwelcome welcome to India.

Here are some young Tibetans using spoken words and Hip hop as a medium to honor the Tibetan spirit.

Tibetan hip-hop artist Jigme Ritzekura, a.k.a. “J-Ritz” uses spoken words to pay tribute to the Tibetan martyrs of the Tsampa Revolution. Rangzen Unplugged was organized by RTYC-MN and held at TAFM.

About the artist:
I arrived to the states in 1996 with the family. Grew up with 3 older brothers and two loving parents. I went to a liberal arts college (Gustavus College) located in MN where I pursued a degree in Management. I often have a positive outlook on life; appreciative of every experience both good and bad. I feel that these events help mold my character and provide me with greater perspective. In regards to the Tibetan struggle, I’m just trying to contribute in any way I can; whether through music, conversations, protests etc. Hopefully, I can inspire younger Tibetans to promote the Tibetan cause through various mediums especially art.