Stomp Through Winter Weather Ethically

First a confession. NYCYak was once a Canadian yak. Vancouver, to be precise. As such, I have fared through my share of wet wet winters. Well, I’m back in my old pastures at the edge of the Pacific again, and I’ve been grazing the Pacific Northwest for winter shoes that keep my toes warm and dry without compromising my ethics or my grad-student-thin wallet.

Lo and behold, I present to you: the first non-Made in China rain-boots I’ve ever seen! Kamiks! Kan you believe it?! Kamik boots are made in Canada and their company is family-run. Kould it be?!

Aye. They carry rain-boots, winter boots, shoes, sandals, and more. For male and female yaks, mind you. And while I nabbed my pair at Pacific Centre’s LoCale shoe store, you can get yours through Zappos’ Kamik pages.

So while everyone else spends double or triple by buying those ridonculously over-priced Hunter wellies (which are now made in China, not Scotland as they used to be), you can walk a little lighter knowing you put your money and your foot down for Tibet.

I decided to test-driving my Kamik wellies by stomping around in the bitterly cold Pacific Ocean.


I waded in and out of the water for a good thirty minutes. A few dubious seagulls and ducks were my witnesses.


My experiment was a unanimous success! I sat on a log to contemplate how wonderfully things always pan out when I don’t buy Made in China.

Post-water. I'm as dry as the log I lounge on.

Another company that makes winter shoes in North America is LL Bean. Their shoes are ugly-cool. If that’s your thing, that is. Alright, if you know of any other companies that Tibetans and supporters should be supporting instead of China, please share in the comments section!