How to Chat like a pro in Tibetan: A Cheat sheet!

So you want to chat like me in Tibetan?

ང་ འདྲ་བོ་ བོད་སྐད་ ནང་ སྐད་ཆ་ (ཁ་ལས་) བཤད་ཀྱི་ ཡིན་ནམ་

Here’s HOW:

1. Make sure you have the Tibetan font on your computer.

2. Now that you’re ready to type in Tibetan, go to these websites (tsikzoe, Tibetan Himalayan Library [THL], and Rangjung Yeshe) and bookmark them so you can quickly access it later.

3. tsikzoe: English to Tibetan translation.

Everything’s in Tibetan but not to worry,

  • Click on the 3rd tab and you will notice a blank box on your upper left.
  • Type in any word you’re looking for in English and it should find the Tibetan translation for you.

4. THL users: Tibetan to English translation

  • Put in the Tibetan word in the box under “Input Word”
  •  It will provide you with the translation of the Tibetan word in English.

5. Rangjung Yeshe: Tibetan to English translation (Mac users only)

  • Open your mac dictionary in your apps, next to wikipedia you will notice Rangjung Yeshe.
  • Type your Tibetan word in it and it will find you the English Translation

That’s all you need to know. Plus this helps you learn new Tibetan words while improving what you already know. Easy right?

Happy Chatting in Tibetan! སྐྱིད་པོ་ གཏོང་