A Tribute ( How many more lives)

[Guest Post by Son-of-Yak-n-Yeti]

When our ethnicity on the verge of extinction
Our cultural identity is a target of obliteration
Our language is under assault
Our fragile environment under threat of annihilation
Our brethren are subjugated and suppressed their rights
Sangha communities taking a lead
Self immolation’s after self-immolation’s
A new momentum has gained
For free our land from thugs and thieves
At such crucial juncture
Let us make a pledge, not to dishonor
Their supreme sacrifices
Let us wake up from this deep slumber
With renewed sense of nationalism
For a United Free Tibet
A new anthem in every Tibetan’s heart
United we stand, divided we fall
Challenging the dragon’s roar
With Compassion in Heart and Cane in Hand