Lhakar on HH Birthday..

Tibet I care, a movement consisting of young Tibetan volunteers organized ‘Tibet Games’ to promote Lhakar (white Wednesday) on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday yesterday.

It was the 76th birthday of the Tibetan leader, which fell on Wednesday, an auspicious day for the rest of the Tibetans also.

The young Tibetan group hosted the sporting event, introducing various traditional Tibetan sports like archery, tug of war, stone/sack lifting, skipping and arm wrestling.

Six teams representing various NGOs of the Tibetan society took part in it.

“Tibet Games is a means to spread awareness and campaign for Lhakar. Lhakar is a movement, started by Tibetans in Tibet after 2008 uprising to strengthen Tibetan identity, culture and values under threat by Chinese systematic sinicization of Tibet since its occupation in 1959.” Said Tenzin Dolkar, one of the key volunteers.

It is observed that Lhakar has rekindled and strengthened Tibetan spirit and brotherhood among the Tibetans in Tibet.

In Tibet, every Wednesday, a growing number of Tibetans are making a conscious effort to wear traditional Tibetan clothes, speak pure Tibetan, eat in Tibetan restaurants and buy from Tibetan-owned businesses as a nonviolent, non cooperation movement to counter the sinicization and preserve distinct Tibetan culture, added Dolkar.

Speaking to the rest of the young volunteers of the group which comprises of an interesting mixture of high school graduates, college drop outs, college students, ex political prisoners, non Tibetans and an aspiring trial lawyer among others, they expressed that “the fun sporting event is an effort from exile, to be part of the Lhakar movement and inspire young, old Tibetans and Tibet supporters to further spread and gain momentum for Lhakar, in and outside Tibet.”

“Yes, I have seen archery, stone lifting and arm wrestling in Tibet. I have watched those competition in festivals when I was young and it feels wonderful to take part in it today. I feel more Tibetan” said Jamyang, a participant, from Kham province, Tibet who is in exile.

Lhakar pledge was undertaken by many from the audience who will commit to either wear Tibetan dress (chupa) or speak in pure Tibetan, listen to Tibetan songs or read Tibetan newsletters.

Tibet I care, is a movement initiated by a group of Tibetan youngsters to help one another to understand and strengthen Tibetan identity in exile, keeping in mind the challenges on how to preserve and respect Tibetan traditional values and also be a constructive member of the modern world.

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