Lhakar #3: I’m In Love [mp3]

Today on Lhakar I am re-uploading a track some of you may have already heard. I am doing this because 1) I haven’t had time to do a video 2) because its still wicked! And thirdly….

I worked on this in 2007 for a school project trying to create an awareness video for Tibet. It completely transcended into something different from what I imagined it would be. My first draft had images of monks being tortured, scrolling text of facts and figures of death tolls and destruction and Yangchen Lhamo’s voice in the background. I thought this would be the video to capture peoples attention to hear the cries of Tibet. The feedback I got told me that this wasn’t the case and, after many attempts to get this video appealed by my class, I was asked to try refocusing my messaging on Tibet from the point of view of my identity as a Tibetan displaced in exile.

For the three years I studied Photo Media I would not stop basing my projects on Tibet. Tibet was at the core of my every agenda, people would call me “Miss Tibet” (not to be mistaken with Miss Tibet the beauty pageant).

Mixed by Dj Pablo

Yes, I was born in exile but there has always been a longing for me to see Tibet, to be a part of a greater Tibet, since childhood. All I knew as a kid was that I am Tibetan and I have to defend my rights, perhaps it was my Father’s influence, whatever it was it worked.

I was a frustrated and an eager young Tibetan to take action, but with limited resources feeling trapped. Trapped of having no proper platform as a young Tibetan to speak or share my thoughts, trapped to travel to Tibet, trapped to question those who needed questioning. I was frustrated because all I knew at the time was how to take the train to the Chinese Embassy and be there at the correct time and be the loudest one on the megaphone. Feeling hopeless at some of our supporters, and even our Tibetan peoples, commitment here in exile. The more I knew, read and witnessed, I felt disappointed at some of my peers even.

Perhaps due to the small community I grew up in there were not many young Tibetans to relate to and I never really went out of my community. However, since I graduated I met with many new Tibetans here in London who were like-minded, it felt great. I then decided to join Students for a Free Tibet, attending various action camps in New York and Germany I met so many other young and proactive Tibetans who I could really relate to. They had the aspirations, questions and the determination I shared. I met supporters who had literally felt their life was about to end while on actions for Tibet, who have worked hours and hours day and night for a cause that is not their own, but because they believe Tibet is truly a just cause.

I have seen and heard the Tibetans in Tibet rise and face China’s brutality eye to eye – true bravery. They are simply protecting their children, their families, their culture and beliefs, ones that I too share. SFT has given me a platform to work for Tibet and highlight these issues Tibetans in Tibet face. I am constantly being introduced to historians, students, individuals, scholars, writers, MPs, all Tibetan and non Tibetan who have truly inspired me to think bigger, be constructive, and never give up the warrior spirit for freedom.

So maybe from this little summary you will understand the mood I was in when I did this project. Looking back, I feel so much more positive energy now about winning freedom for Tibet.