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Bearing Witness


I don’t want my readers to feel obligated to watch this video. I understand it is hard to watch but I wanted to share why I decided to watch it eventually.  Ani (nun)… Continue reading

Tibetans, sometimes “The Noble Savage”


Tibetans, sometimes “The Noble Savage”
November 16, 2011 by Dawa Lokyitsang

© 2012 Dlo08

I just came across this video, which seems to be a loose response to the “I am Tibetan” videos that have come out of Tibet and in the diaspora to encourage the Tibetan identity.

This guy (who pronounces all the Tibetan names wrong) is clearly Chinese (his name is Vinnie Hu), declares “I am a Tibetan Mastiff” to represent himself as a Tibetan who is metaphorically a Mastiff.

Mastiff’s, although magnificent, are dogs, kept as pets (now expensive pets). He seems to equate the Tibetan to that of a magnificent animal. It almost sounds exactly like the “Nobel Savage” trope, which is described as:

“The noble savage is portrayed as ignorant and simple-minded but simultaneously uncorrupted by any of the moral failings of modern civilization and possessing an innate wisdom and connection to nature”

Tibetan World on Sundays


Guestpost by Lhakyi: Sunday school was where I escaped from the world of injis.

What must be done in such juncture?


[Guest Post by Son-of-Yak-n-Yeti] “What must be done in such juncture” is the one most crucial question every Tibetan must ask themselves and what role must I play as a Tibetan is another?  I… Continue reading

A Tribute ( How many more lives)


[Guest Post by Son-of-Yak-n-Yeti] When our ethnicity on the verge of extinction Our cultural identity is a target of obliteration Our language is under assault Our fragile environment under threat of annihilation Our brethren… Continue reading

Explosion In Tibet: The Beginning Of Something Great


[Edited 11/16/11: A reader has asked for clarity on this post. In response, I have provided examples of Sabotage Campaign in the example section. I hope this will clear up reader/s understanding regarding… Continue reading

Handing out Knowledge through Candy


[Guest post by Lhakyi and Deesal of Boston] Today for Lhakar we celebrated Inji Halloween (Tibetan activist style). With the small donation from some Tibetans we decided to make candy bags with information… Continue reading

Walking on a piece of Home


Last night I decided to ditch my work and watch the live broadcast of Tenzin Rigdol’s exhibition at Upper Tibetan Children’s Village school in Dharamsala, India. He managed to smuggle more then 2000kg of soil from Tibet so Tibetans in Dharamsala could step on a piece of home for the first time.

Inhumane Torture Or Setting Self On Fire?


Yesterday I posted the following video of Lobsang Konchok, 18/19yrs old who set himself on fire on 9/26/11, on my Facebook. The video seems to have been uploaded by someone not familiar with… Continue reading

Stepping up to the defiant show of Love and Courage


In the last week, we have yet again heard news of more self-immolation’s inside Tibet, Tenzin Wangmo (20yrs old) and Norbu Dramdul (19yrs old). It is easy to become depressed by all the sad news, however, Jamyang Norbu la’s right. Tibetans inside are calling us to action and we must not let them down.