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Teaching Tibet Every Lhakar


I still have 2hrs until Lhakar Wednesday is officially over but I promise I have a good excuse. I’ve been very busy with my schedule today but here’s the great news,

Lhakar in Kalachakra 2012


For Lhakar Students for a Free Tibet India staff Dolkar explains what they are doing today here in this video. Check it!

His Holiness speaks to Tibetans from Tibet


Yesterday His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gave a talk directed towards Tibetans from Tibet. He covers a rage of topic from advice to Tibetans from inside about the importance of the environment… Continue reading

FROM BUDDHA TO BOLLYWOOD, AND HOLLYWOOD TO HALLYU: exile living in the age of pop culture


(Guest Post by Tenzin Nyiwoe) Far away from my family in rural England, I was lost and maimed by self hate throughout my entire adolescent life, and beyond. I blocked out the constant… Continue reading

How to Chat like a pro in Tibetan: A Cheat sheet!


So you want to chat like me in Tibetan? ང་ འདྲ་བོ་ བོད་སྐད་ ནང་ སྐད་ཆ་ (ཁ་ལས་) བཤད་ཀྱི་ ཡིན་ནམ་ Here’s HOW: 1. Make sure you have the Tibetan font on your computer. People with Mac’s… Continue reading

Ngawang Samphel Plays Piano Arrangement of songs by Palgon, Yudrug Tsendep, & Yadong


(Guest post by one half of Strangers) The performance: This this essentially an arrangement of three Tibetan songs for the piano: Aku Pema by Palgon, Drenpai Zhechung by Yudrug Tsendep, and Ama by… Continue reading

Old Dog (Khyi rgan) directed by Pema Tsetan & The Sun-Beaten Path (Dbus Lam Gyi Nyi Ma) directed by Sonthar Gyal


Guestpost by Dr. Tsering Shakya: I know this review has been out for more than a week but I wanted to bring our attention back to these two movies. Its important that we support works by Tibetans in Tibet. They are able to tell us stories, directly (not through exiles or Tibet-NGOs) about Tibetans in Tibet through creative projects such as the following. Efforts like these provide us with accessible and inclusive mediums, drenched in meanings, that can offer us a glimpse into the mind and lives of Tibetans in Tibet. Told to us by Tibetans in Tibet.

Bearing Witness


I don’t want my readers to feel obligated to watch this video. I understand it is hard to watch but I wanted to share why I decided to watch it eventually.  Ani (nun)… Continue reading

Tibetans, sometimes “The Noble Savage”


Tibetans, sometimes “The Noble Savage”
November 16, 2011 by Dawa Lokyitsang

© 2012 Dlo08

I just came across this video, which seems to be a loose response to the “I am Tibetan” videos that have come out of Tibet and in the diaspora to encourage the Tibetan identity.

This guy (who pronounces all the Tibetan names wrong) is clearly Chinese (his name is Vinnie Hu), declares “I am a Tibetan Mastiff” to represent himself as a Tibetan who is metaphorically a Mastiff.

Mastiff’s, although magnificent, are dogs, kept as pets (now expensive pets). He seems to equate the Tibetan to that of a magnificent animal. It almost sounds exactly like the “Nobel Savage” trope, which is described as:

“The noble savage is portrayed as ignorant and simple-minded but simultaneously uncorrupted by any of the moral failings of modern civilization and possessing an innate wisdom and connection to nature”

Tibetan World on Sundays


Guestpost by Lhakyi: Sunday school was where I escaped from the world of injis.