No, not that awesome Beyonce song that totally rips off Audrey Hepburn’s boho dance in Funny Face and kinda looks like a tricked out Gap commercial, I’m talking about an actual countdown to something super important. A countdown to March 10th, Tibetan Uprising Day. I know this post is about two days late for Lhakar and perhaps a dollar short but there’s been so many events and Tibet-related activities this past month I’ve barely been able to keep up. Heres a few things that have been going on in New York City that have me totally pumped for March 10th. So head on down to Parragon Sports or wherever everyone goes to get those fancy parkas, grab some friends, some good walking shoes and join us in the streets this Sunday!

February 13th marked the 100 year commemoration of the 13th Dalai Lama’s Proclamation of Independence. I know, that’s a mouthful. Imagine trying to say that to a reporter from AP, or in my case, to the barista who saw my awesome Tibetan Independence Day sticker innocently asking what it was all about. On Feb 13: In over 30 cities worldwide, the centennial of the 1913 Tibetan Proclamation of Independence was commemorated with ceremonies, concerts, rallies, and public talks. In New York, we had a protest at the Chinese Embassy which included this incredible direct action raising a mini version of the proclamation on the embassy itself. Check out the video below.

Last Sunday there was a panel at Tibet House with an incredible line up of Robert Thurman, Elliot Sperling, Glenn Mullin, Jamyang Norbu. It was kind of like a Rangzen All-Star line up if you know what I mean. For those lucky enough to attend we were hit over and over with gems of historic knowledge as they discussed everything from the political savvy of the 13th Dalai Lama, to the historical Treaties between Tibet and Mongolia, relations between Tibet and India and other fun factoids that indeed prove over and over again that Tibet was once a free and independent country.

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I put together a story (my first time using storify!) of some of my fav tweets from the event.

  1. Prof Thurman extrapolates the 1913 #TibetanIndependence Proclamation. Watch live
  2. “They’re just squatters really.” Bob Thurman on Han Chinese living in Chinese occupied Tibet. #word #evictionnotice
  3. “There was no declaration necessary because #Tibet had been independent always.” @tibethouseus #BobThurmanRocks
  4. Photo of the Great 13th Dalai Lama and his 100 year old Proclamation of Independence now on exhibit @tibethouseus
  5. “The Simla Convention in 1914 is direct evidence of international recognition of Tibet’s Independence & government.” #TibetIndependenceFacts
  6. The history of Tibetan independence. Day kicks off with Prof Elliot Sperling and Jamyang Norbu la #Tibet
  7. “I think we need stronger institutions for our society, not just charismatic personalities.” Jamyang Norbu on what the future of Tibet needs
  8. Elliot Sperling says Mongol-Tibetan Treaty that sealed their alliance in 1913 mentions Rangzen #FreeTibetFacts
  9. “Tibetans have nitric oxide in their blood, making them biologically suited to life at high altitude.” Does that make us like X-Men or smth?

Last Lhakar Wednesday I also got to be a part of an awesome FlashMob in Union Square where Tibetans and supporters joined together to highlight the staggering number of self-immolations in Tibet. The action was meant to echo the voices of the 107 teenagers, monks, nuns, fathers and mothers, writers and teachers who have self-immolated for freedom in Tibet, each participant holding a photo of someone who had self-immolated in Tibet, stating their name and age out loud one and a time in the middle of the Square.

Also this past week, SFT released a brand new video of the Harlem Shake. Normally, I am completely against anyone trying to do the Harlem Shake except folks who actually hail from Harlem, but this week we’ve seen the Harlem shake used as a form of protest in places like Tunsia and Egypt and now New York City! But for realz, before watching SFT’s parody video which is aimed to poke fun at Xi Jinping please do yourself a favor and  watch this Melissa Harris-Perry video breaking down the appropriation of the Harlem Shake.

Since most of our contributors are busy gearing up for March 10th in their respective cities I thought I’d post this anyway, even if it is a Friday. There have been tons of events in the lead up to March 10th and now there are stil two more days until Tibetan Uprising Day. It’s fun to see what everyone else has been up to this week whether its SFT UK lobbying the European Parliament with Kirti Rinpoche or Tenzin Lobsang’s awesome Lhakar Update from Ottawa. For those in the big cold country of Canada the Ottawa Tibet Film Festival is still going on for a few more days. For more information about where you can join March 10th protests around the world, visit Stand up For Tibet to find a local protest near you. This Sunday, please join Tibetans and supporters worldwide in marking the 54th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day. Hundreds of thousands of us are dedicating this day to a free Tibet. I hope this Sunday you will join us.

Bod Gyalo! Free Tibet!