Introducing Jigmé Théaux

(Guest post by Jigme Theaux)

Me on the Left

This is a brand new web tv-show made by me, a French guy who happens to be Tibetan.
I do everything on my own, from writing scripts to actually shooting and processing videos.

Each episode deals with one stereotype/cliches in particular.

The first one is about Asian people.

The second one is about riffraffs.

The third one ? Well, it’s coming…

All of it is in French but there are English subtitles available on YouTube, thank God!

As for me, my name is Jigmé Théaux, 22. I live in Bordeaux, South-West of France.
Originally, I was a photographer but I recently tried shooting videos and liked it, a lot!

You can find my work as a photographer available here :

As far as his web tv-show is concerned, everything is on
You can like my page on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and/or subscribe on YouTube, and of course share on any social network!

As for my next project, a lot more is coming…