Learning Tibetan on Lhakar: Episode Four

This week I wanted to share a video and some photos from my visit to the Sambhota Day School in Gankyi to show how these awesome young students observe Lhakar every Wednesday.

students circling up for morning sangsol

From the moment we arrived at the school you could just feel the energy of children everywhere. It was such a nice feeling being around kids who are just so curious and fun, and just want to run around and play after their morning prayers. I think it’s safe to say their classes are probably far more fun than any of mine. I almost started to feel a little jealous peaking into each classroom and see all the different drawings and mini Tibetan writing on the walls that all looked so colorful and full of life.

We got a tour of the school and got to see the kids run around and play after their spaghetti lunch which was served from giant pails. Note: there may be nothing cuter than seeing little Tibetan kids eating spaghetti in their chubas!

Then we got to play with the kids a bit and it was super fun, especially after the sky opened up and a downpour of rain fell on all of us! The kids loved it and went totally crazy, running around and splashing in puddles. After a while I think we could tell they fear almost absolutely nothing.

It was so cool to visit the school and see how they have been observing Lhakar for years, even before it became more of  campaign or before news spread about how Tibetans were observing Lhakar in Tibet. The headmistress told us they had been observing Lhakar since 2007 as a way to honor His Holiness’ soul day and to help preserve Tibetan culture. I felt so lucky to have visited the school and see how these teachers have encouraged these kids to feel proud of their identity and language. It made me feel hopeful for the next generation of creative and smart young Tibetans who will remember Lhakar from when they were little.

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