Terro from Baba, Kham

It’s been several months since my last post, my work load increased and I had been preparing for my departure to India to fulfill my Lhakar pledge. Since I arrived in India, I took part in the Lhakar Academy, the Tibetan School of Leadership and Change, as a trainer in training for one month. As soon as the 2012 participants graduated I headed straight to Sikkim.

I write this short post in the heart of Sikkim, Gangtok. Now that I have some free time before enrolling at Sarah College I wanted to share an interesting dish from Baba, Kham, eastern Tibet called Terro. My friend’s grand uncle was a leader of one of the units of Chushi Gangdruk, he came from Gyalthang. He was welcomed and respected in all regions of Kham. It was at this time when he was among different members of Chushi Gangdruk from all over Kham that he was introduced to Terro, a dish from Baba, Kham, which has now remained a popular dish in my friend’s home…and now mine!! lol