“Boeche” by Lodoe Laura

In 2011, I spent three months in northern India, interviewing people for a book project on the modern Tibetan identity in exile. While speaking with one of the subjects of this project, I was asked if I was Tibetan. I replied, “I am half Tibetan and half Canadian.” Shocked with my response, this man replied that I was not half Tibetan, nor was I half Canadian, but instead fully Tibetan and fully Canadian. In his view, I was not half of each, but rather, both. This thought stuck with me. For my entire life, when asked my ethnicity, I had always replied that I was “half Tibetan”. This meditation that I had with my identity as someone of mixed race made me reevaluate the way I self-identify. I wanted to find out how other Tibetans of mixed race interacted with their own identity.

This series, shot on a 4×5 camera, explores the duality and singularity one may experience as a person of mixed race. The traditional Tibetan chupa, contrasted with the apparent North American background, is intended to create tension, and highlight the biplicity of the mixed race.

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