The 5 College SFT does Lhakar at Mt. Holyoke

On Saturday April 14th, Mount Holyoke College Students for a Free Tibet hosted its 2nd annual Himalayan Night in collaboration with the Nepali Students Organization. The event was hosted to foster cultural and political interest on campus.

For the event, the 5 college SFT performed “Dhomey Tserig” and sang “Phayul dhi ngatso tsang may rey” which was well received by the audience.

Along with the performances, Mt Holyoke college did a brief presentation on the current political situation in Tibet and the 5 college SFT’s current activities to promote awareness on the current violations of human rights in Tibet.

Earlier on March 10th, 5 college SFT, the local Tibetan community, and supporters marched from the town of Amherst to the city of Northampton to call attention to the self-immolations and the recent turmoil in Tibet. The 5 college SFT and the community from Amherst and Northampton successfully advocated to the local representatives to declare March 10 as “Tibet Day” in Northampton and Amherst