We Take Action: Second European Tibetan Youth Parliament

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Tibetan Rapper Karma Emchi WANTS YOU

I’ve always been kind of ambivalent about the Tibetan electoral process. I mean, I hope I’m not the only one trying to wrap their head around community elections, Kalon Tripa elections, Tibet Associations, understanding Chitues and Kalons but if you’re a Tibetan in Europe, there’s a great opportunity now to learn more about parliamentary process and democratic principles with the 2nd European Tibetan Youth Parliament!

I wish I lived in Europe right now, I’d love to attend. I mean this group sounds dope! Thinking about this make me remember that ever since the Kalon Tripa elections in 2011 I always wondered why there was never a cool campaign geared towards registering young Tibetan voters like Rock the Vote. Where’s our Russel Simmons and Jay Z pumping up the kids of America on MTV, holding massive concerts and encouraging kids to register by saying things like, “hey guys voting is cool, register today!”

Well here’s a start. Karma Emchi, or Shapaley, as many of you may know him from his famous Shapaley video (which just hit 107,169 views!) has just put out a new video encouraging young Tibetans in Europe to register for the upcoming European Tibetan Youth Parliament! If this video doesn’t make you want to go online and register I don’t know what will. In the video he says, “Friends listen I’ve got something to say, 2012 April 6th, all of you come to Switzerland. This is where we’re going to hold the Second European Youth Parliament. Sign up, Sign up.”

So shout out to all you young Tibetans in Europe, get out there! If you haven’t registered to vote, do it,and while you’re at it pass this video along.

Group Photo of Second European Youth Parliament

The Second European Tibetan Youth Parliament provides a platform to share ideas and thoughts on Tibet as well as where young Tibetans decide how to take concrete action in Europe. You can find out more information about the Second European Tibetan Youth Parliament Election, 6-8 April 2012, in Einsiedeln right here at We Take Action.

Rock on.