Losar, Lhakar, and Ama Adhe

Losar and Lhakar Tashi Delek To All. In honor of Losar and Lhakar I am wearing my Tibetan chupa.

Earlier this morning, I said a few prayers for those who passed and imprisoned this year. I just finished attending the Tibet lecture class that I TA for. Professor McGranahan discussed Ama Adhe’s book that the class is currently reading and how the events that took place in Ama Adhe’s life correlate to the events that are taking place in Tibet now. For example, she discussed how Lhakar emerged from Eastern Tibet, Ama Adhe’s phayul, and the significance history has to a place and its legacy in influencing the present.

Later today, I plan to have further discussions on Lhakar and recent events in Tibet with my two classes. My students seem eager.

I wish a prosperous year to all my Tibetan brothers and sisters, and Victory to Tibet! སྐྱི་སྐྱི་སོ་སོ། Kyi Kyi So So!