Lhakar beyond Wednesdays in Kham

As I now googled for different time zones, I noticed that, if i was in New York, i still have 15 mins worth of time left before this Wednesday comes to a closure and opens itself to a new Thursday. So despite my failed attempts to finish this piece on time in India last night, I reckon it’s still not too late 🙂

Over the last few weeks, in ahead of the Kalachakra at Bodhgaya, I have been privileged to see many Tibetans from Tibet visiting Dhasa. Some have already headed their way to Gaya while some are still here performing their necessary rituals and prayers before heading to the Kalachakra teaching.  In the hours of my lunch break, I have seen many Tibetans circumambulate the main temple, Tsuglakhang and some performing full prostrations for almost the entire day.

This Wednesday morning,  it was extraordinary seeing Tibetans from Tibet in their chupas in long queues eagerly waiting to welcome His Holiness back to Dhasa from his recent visit to Czech Republic.

(People gaterhing at Tsuglakhang to receive His Holiness)

Speaking of which, later in the afternoon, I learned from a friend of mine that Tibetans in Kham have now taken the Lhakar movement to a different level where it is now not only observed every wednesdays but also on every auspicious days of the Lunar Calendar i.e Tsepa Chu (10th day of every month) , Tsepa Choe-nga (15th day of the month which is full moon), Tsepa Nyishu Tse-nga (25th day of the month).

This initiative ushers a new dimension to the movement where Tibetans in Kham have now found more ways to inspire themselves to celebrate  just than only every Wednesday. This quiet revolution, as believed earlier, is no longer quiet anymore!