Taste of Tibet

Early this morning my step mum arrived back from Tibet after many years of being at home away from home. As soon as she arrived home, the suitcase pinged opened. My sister and I standing around it looking down for interesting items and gifts. Chuba’s, is what we are after!!

I didn't get a chuba, instead i got a bohemian wunchuck!

For the first time i today i saw my great uncle and other relatives from Tibet through video images and photos. Hearing their messages, their laughter and typical Tibetan style home is truly something. For the first time i could see how they live, how they harvest, and how they sing and dance amongst each other. I feel one step closer to them.

A few of us hovering over the laptop

Today on Lhakar I had my very first Shakampo, dry Tibetan yak meat all the way from Tibet, and then i had my first ever luk-sha (lamb) with alu and ping. All i will say is it was interesting – definitely had the taste of Tibet!

My first taste of Yak meat

Tibetan Cheese AKA Chura!

Today I felt a little closer to Tibet, its been a good day 🙂
p.s we are rounding the night up with some Tibetan soul food, Shaphaley! mmmm