It’s our challenge, show your identity!

(Guest Post by Lobsang Tenzin Sara)

I was born and raised in Switzerland with Tibetan parents and two older sisters. My parents always tried to raise me as a good Tibetan guy, who can speak and write in the Tibetan language. They’ve also tried to teach me Tibetan buddhism (religious things). But as a young tibetan guy, who grew up in a foreign country, it was always difficult to motivate myself. I was often hanging around with other friends from other countries, tried everything what youths usually do, so I made many mistakes, which I learned from, all these things have now made who I am. But at one point in my life I was asking myself, “who am I?” and “where am I from?”.

The reason that I grew up in a foreign country isn’t an excuse for not learning my language well. In the future one of my goals is to learn to speak and write in the Tibetan language perfectly. It’s very important to learn our language to keep the Tibetan identity alive.

We’re always receiving bad news out of Tibet of Tibetans, who risk their lives, suffer abuses or commit suicide  The resistance in Tibet is still alive and our task is to also keep the resistance alive all over the world. Exercise your rights which we’ve got abroad as foreigners, rights which Tibetans in Tibet can’t exercise. Use your talents, which Tibetans in Tibet can not use. Use your knowledge, which Tibetans in Tibet can’t do. Get involved in the Tibetan association, which Tibetans in Tibet can not do. Get active!

Show your identity whenever it is possible, we’re Tibetans and we’re proud of it. We’re from a country with our own history, our own traditions and our own language. The Tibetan issue will never be forgotten until Tibet is free!

I’ll try to show at least once a month some simple ways to keep our resistance alive. I would like to inspire and motivate and also would like to get inspired and motivated, so i am getting involved in the “Lhakar Diaries” movement!


TYAE at SFT Action Camp, Germany