New Pledges by New Warriors.

Today is the end of SFT’s one week Action camp held in Germany, Europe. I’ve been to at least three or four action camps in Europe and America where I have received practical training and highly useful skills to help strengthen our movement in exile. I consistently choose to come to camp because I want to be more organised, informed and disciplined in my work for Tibet, and the camp offers me this without fail.

However, this year I have come to camp not as a participant but as a facilitator giving workshops to Tibetans and non-Tibetans from Europe and other places. Its been a lot of work and long hours, but I have to say time as has gone super quick – most probably because I really enjoy being around this energy and like minded people.

All the participants here have been great, full of energy, motivation, and the desire to learn and take further steps for Tibet. I have to say the group has been amazing and although it was their first time to camp, they were very advanced and really dedicated.

In one of the evening talks lead by Tendor on the subject of Lhakar, Tsering and I introduced them to Lhakar Diaries. We had a great response with many wanting to join, blog and pledge their commitment to Lhakar. Camp has been really busy, so I didn’t have much time to prepare for my entry. However I would like to share with you some video clips of participants sharing their connections & pledges to Tibet.

I hope these as well as the resistance happening in Tibet will inspire you pledge too.