NYC Summer Lhakar Actions

So, it might seem like I’m cheating by posting what our SFT HQ interns are doing for Lhakar – but I’m really not. We (SFT HQ) have been lucky to have two amazing young interns (Tenzin Lama and Elyna) at the office this Summer and in order to best utilize their skills and allow them to have a truly grassroots experience – Stef and I concocted the NYC Summer Lhakar Actions – in which our interns do everything from planning to execution to follow-up of their actions dedicated to Lhakar.

Tenzin Lama and Elyna have completed four Lhakar actions up to date and are writing about it on SFT’s blog. Their first action was petitioning for Nomad Rights at Union Square, second was delivering the giant petition postcard for Nomad Rights at the United Nations (video still in the process of being edited), third was petitioning for Tibetan Heroes in Washington, D.C. heat during the Kalachakra, and today – which involved teaching New Yorkers Tibetan phrases (like Bod Rangzen!).

If you have any fun, creative, new ideas on what our interns can do for Summer Lhakar, let us know! -neat!