My First Lhakar Entry on a Very Auspicious Day

Today I celebrate His Holiness’s 76th birthday by offering a long life prayer and a prayer for the people of Tibet to stay safe and keep the spirit of freedom alive. I thank His Holiness for his tireless work for the Tibetan peoples welfare, his ability to inspire millions to be stronger, courageous and thinking people for a better Tibet and better world.

If we look at our exile community, the Tibetan schools, the Tibetan medical centers, the various institutes we have built across the world particularly in India, as refugees this is an amazing achievement and a proud moment for us all. This could not have been achieved without His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the dedicated Tibetans who had a vision for YOU & ME, our Tibetan identity, our way of life to continue in a land not our own, but never thinking this would be our last stop. Imagine when Tibet is free, what we can build back once again, this is not just a hope this is the VISION and the GOAL which will be achieved, with our contribution big or small.

I have been really empowered by Tibetans in Tibet cleverly resisting China’s oppression by initiating this Lhakar movement, it has really given me strength to be more committed to my work for Tibet, whether i do it under the name of Students for a Free Tibet or as an individual Tibetan, i will always be contributing to our freedom movement and to the welfare of our people…this is my purpose.

So in support of  the Lhakar movement in Tibet i pledge to assert my Tibetan identity on Lhakar Diaries with updates, videos, images every Wednesday. This afternoon I had a mini celebration with a Tibetan friend by making a popular Tibetan dish called Shapale, i also made a video which you can watch below. Later this evening i will be heading to a birthday reception held by Office of Tibet, hopefully i can upload images for you guys to see…so stay tuned!