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When Gyalthang became Shangri-La: a critical reading


Ben Hillman–a Senior Lecturer at the Crawford School of public policy, Australian National University–wrote an article called “China’s many Tibets: Diqing as a model for ‘development with Tibetan characteristics?’” (2010). He details the economic success, through the government-funded tourist industry, of Shangri-La, a Tibetan town in Kham, as a model that the Chinese authorities can follow for “China’s many other Tibets”. However, in his eager attempt to support his argument for Shangri-La as a successful model, Hillman fails to acknowledge China’s historical role in that region, the popular resistance that occurred before and during the time period he covers, or further analysis of local involvement in the tourist industry.


Inspiring News from Tibet: Language Preservation in Amdo


Yesterday on Lhakar one of my close activist friends, Lhamo Kyab, who is also an ex political prisoner came into my office. I could see the excitement in his face and eagerness to… Continue reading

How do you teach self-immolations in Tibet?


Last Thursday, April 5th, I gave a talk on the self-immolations at my school, followed by a Q&A. I was a bit nervous. How does one begin to try to make sense out of such a powerful yet painful act, without sensationalizing, to people who don’t know much about Tibet in the span of one hour?

Stepping up to the defiant show of Love and Courage


In the last week, we have yet again heard news of more self-immolation’s inside Tibet, Tenzin Wangmo (20yrs old) and Norbu Dramdul (19yrs old). It is easy to become depressed by all the sad news, however, Jamyang Norbu la’s right. Tibetans inside are calling us to action and we must not let them down.

In the territory of Nyarong, uprisings against the Chinese in the 1950’s unfolded in a manner similar to those in other areas of Kham, but with one twist: the leader of the revolt was a woman


From the book Arrested Histories: Tibet, The CIA, And Memories Of A Forgotten War by Carole McGranahan [Everything (except for the text written in brackets) written in this post including the tittle of… Continue reading

Apha (ཨ་ཕ།) by Dekyi Tsering (བདེ་སྐིྱད་ཚེ་རིང།)


I wanted to share this video today because of the beautiful and touching lyrics. I am sure you all have already figured out that Apha is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The… Continue reading