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For You, Our Beloved Tenzin Delek Rinpoche


Tenzin Delek Rinpoche¬†died under suspicious circumstances in a Chinese prison in Eastern Tibet earlier this week. His family shared this news with the rest of the world on Monday July 12, 2015. All… Continue reading

Old Dog (Khyi rgan) directed by Pema Tsetan & The Sun-Beaten Path (Dbus Lam Gyi Nyi Ma) directed by Sonthar Gyal


Guestpost by Dr. Tsering Shakya: I know this review has been out for more than a week but I wanted to bring our attention back to these two movies. Its important that we support works by Tibetans in Tibet. They are able to tell us stories, directly (not through exiles or Tibet-NGOs) about Tibetans in Tibet through creative projects such as the following. Efforts like these provide us with accessible and inclusive mediums, drenched in meanings, that can offer us a glimpse into the mind and lives of Tibetans in Tibet. Told to us by Tibetans in Tibet.