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New Spaces For Tibetan Art: A Conversation With Nyema Droma, Founder of Himaalaya Studio Lhasa


Nyema Droma is a Lhasa based photographer and recent graduate of the London College of Fashion, where she studied fashion styling and photography. Last summer I had the opportunity to attend her senior… Continue reading

Adapting to Survive in a New Exile


[Guest post by Ngawang Lodoe, a student from Hampshire College, did his final photography project on the preservation and challenges of the Tibetan culture and language in the US.] The story of Tibet… Continue reading

Can’t Imagine; Can’t Stop Trying


Susan Sontag Animation: Regarding the Pain of Others from L Nordell on Vimeo. Susan Sontag’s animation, with its stark halting stop-motion images and its repetition of all that we (on the outside)┬ácannot know… Continue reading