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Resilience & Fortitude: Tibet Movement through the youngest Tibetan woman parliamentarian


When some members of the Lhakar Diaries family contacted me to see if I could do an interview with her, I was more than excited since I had been thinking about it for some time-it also helped that I am currently in Dharamsala. When I contacted Dhardon la, she was more than accommodating. She took some time off her busy schedule and we did a quick interview over some tea.

Canada’s Stance on Tibet’s Independence


With today being February 13th, Tibet’s Independence Day, and the 100th anniversary of the day when the 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed the restoration of Tibet’s independence, it got me thinking; while Tibet was… Continue reading

The Hills Have Eyes… errr Ears… and Mouths


This week’s Lhakar Diaries post stems from a very odd dream I had recently which led me to think about my past life. I won’t write what happened in the dream, but I… Continue reading