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“Tibet and Modernity” with Sperling, Venturi, & Vitali: What is Tibetan modernity?


In the following, I discuss thoughts regarding each speakers approach to either Tibet and/or Modernity; I’m specifically interested in how each speaker approaches the concept of the modern.

By the Men and the Horses Killed – Swearing in the Dege Dialect.


[Guestpost by Jamyang Phuntsok] i) Gesar Fails Among the many anecdotes from the Gesar epic that Ama likes to recount, one goes like this: Gesar has returned to Ling after slaying the demon… Continue reading

Experimenting with Modernity, the Tibetan way


Gyatso’s talk wasn’t necessarily on the specifics of Tibetan medicine, she explores the social, cultural and political climate of the time frame she covers to understand the complexities involving the Tibetan society, demonstrating, what I call, Tibetan modernities (outside of western influence).